An special training that nobody else has….

We live in a world where we have become more and more dependent on other countries, far away from where we come from. In this global world it is important to be aware of this. We have to be conscious of the many differences that everyday faces us with:  we eat different, we think different and we laugh at different situations.

This is just one of many reasons why I decided, more than half year ago, to go to Mexico to continue my studies. I fell in love with Mexico long ago during a vacation here and I have been here several times. One day I visited Universidad Panamericana. Therefore it was not difficult for me to take the decision to move my address here and continue my education at UP.

Mexico and Denmark, bear no resemblance to each other, and yet I could as well have been sitting at a class in Denmark to experience the daily life at UP; Students show up after the classes has started and there is a constant small-talk among the students while the professor babbles about the exam requirements, formalities, etc., while trying to fire some cool jokes here and there to keep our attention. A few students comment on what the professor says and the professor answers happily. A phone call every now and then and everybody are busy with their mobile phone – for all text messages must of course be answered immediately – even though the teacher is sure to have control over our attention and phone usage.

Outside the classroom is the difference between Denmark and Mexico, however, quite clear. Although the classes are interesting, the most important is what I experience outside the class room; this is where I realize my own thoughts and perceptions and how things work back home in Denmark, which I would not have realized otherwise. And of course, this is also where I get to see, how the very open and friendly Mexicans live their lives with a daily life at a private university in a country characterized by extreme differences between poverty and wealth.

For this reason I am in no way doubting that my stay in Mexico gives me a very special training that nobody else has!

Signe Cross



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